About Us

3 I.T Solutions started its operations on 2019 and at that time there was a boom to the digital marketing industry due to COVID-19. This result was effective to the digital and e-commerce field in the terms of switching to online business. Now this has become a proper industry and we are the masters of it as we have lifted the brands online which was physically down at the time of COVID-19

Core Values

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace

Career Growth

As a business owner, we want all of our employees to be successful and reach their full potential.

Friendly Environment

A friendly working environment leads to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity while an offensive or unfriendly working environment leads to boredom, less productivity and dissatisfaction.

Open Jobs

We are always trying to have the best team. we ensures that you stay energized to Inspire others, build capability by enabling your skills & empowering you to  succeed and Grow.

3IT Solutions is looking for a creative Graphic Designer and Video Editor. A candidate must have designing sense, enough experience & and able to make creatives and Video Ads by His/Her own.  

Remote Job


SEO +Content Writer

3IT Solutions is looking for SEO Expert and Content Writer. A candidate must have Good English, enough experience, knowledge of WordPress & and able to do Professional SEO  & write conversing content.


Remote Job